Gilbert Cool

Gilbert Cool appears in five censuses: 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860 and 1870.

1830 Census, Beaver Co, Hanover Township, page 272, image 9 of 26: Gilbert Coal, one male 15-20, one male 30-40; two females under 5, one female 5 - 10, one female 30-40. Note: This entry is possibly Gilbert Cool.

1840 Census, Washington Co, Hanover Township, page 030 Gilbert Cool, head of household. 2 males under 5, 3 males 6-10, 1 male 40-50, two females 10-15, one female 15-20, one female 40-50. Estimate from 1840 census: two males under 5 were Colombus Cool and Thomas Cool. Three males 6-10 were Augustus Cool, John Cool and William Cool. (Augustus birth year is unclear. Entries in 1850 (14) and 1860(22) are written clear enough, so I'm going to split the difference at 1837 . . . even though that year should make it 3, not 2, sons under 5 years in the 1840.] Male 40-50 is Gilbert, who should have been about 42. Two females 10-15 are Verlinda (about 10 in 1840) and Alice (about 7 in 1840; a mistake to carry her in this category.] The one female 15-20 I'd guess is Sarah, vital stats unknown. Beers said she "died in youth," and since Gilbert Cool's household went from four females in 1840 to three females in 1850 (with all females except Sarah still in the household), I'm going to guess Sarah was born between 1820 and 1825, and died between 1840 and 1850. One female 40-50 is Rebecca Moore.

1850 Census, Allegheny Co, Findley Township. Roll M432_748. image 637, page 320.
Name Age Sex Occupation Value of land POB
Gilbert Cool 52 M farmer 4000 PA
Rebecca Cool 52 F PA
Berlinda Cool 20 F PA
William Cool 19 M farmer PA
Alice Cool 17 F PA
John Cool 16 M farmer PA
Augustus Cool 14 M PA
Colombus Cool 12 M PA
Thomas Cool 10 M PA
Note: Alice through Thomas marked having attended school in the past year.

1860 Census, Allegheny County, Findley Township, page 299
Name Age Sex Occupation Value of Land Value Personal estate
Gilbert Cool 62 M farmer 7700 800
Rebecca Cool 60 F
Malinda Cool 30 F
Alice Cool 28 F
William 26 M farm laborer
John Cool 24 M teacher cou.(?) school
Augustus Cool 22 M do
Colombus Cool 20 M do
Thomas Cool 18 M do (where do means ditto)
Romulus 8 M Attended school within the year
POB for all is PA.
Notes: Entire family is shown still in the same household. Note differences in spelling between Berlinda and Malinda. Also, Beers mentions her as Verlinda. Because the handwriting in the 1860 census is so much clearer, I'm going to carry Eleu(?) (which is not a name, even) in 1850 as Alice (ages compatible), and Beers also said she was Alice. (How about Sarah, tho? Mentioned in Beers as deceased in youth.) Also, the 1860 census and Beers support John Cool for name of John(?) in 1850 census. It's noteworthy that John, Augustus, Colonbus and Thomas are all annotated as teachers at the county school. This may be a typo. From his bio in Beers, though, we do know that Colombus was a teacher about the time of the Civil War.

1870 Census, Allegheny County, Findley Township, page 77.
Name Age Sex Occupation Value of land Value of personal estate
Gilbert Cool 71 M Retired farmer 10,985 200
Rebecca 73 F Keeping house
Notes: POB for both is PA. Neither of them have mother or father marked as foreign born. William, Thomas et. al. are shown in separate households.

Washington County Deed Book volume 2W, complete on page 89: Know all men...I, Gilbert Cool of Hanover Township, Washington Co., held and firmly bound unto Samuel Levingston of same place in the sum of $6000 to be paid to the said Samuel Livingston or his executors, administrators or assigns to which payment well and truly to be made I do bind myself my heirs executors administrators.. and further I do hereby authorize and empower the prothonotary of the court of common pleas of Washington County or any other county... to enter judgment for the above sum and costs... my seal dated 31 Mar. 1838 the condition is such that whereas the above named Samuel Livingston and the special instance a request of the above bounded Gilbert Cool and for his only debt duty matter and cause. Together with him the said Gilbert are held and firmly bound unto a certain James Dornan of said Township of Hanover, Wash. Co., in and by seventeen separate notes bearing over date herewith conditioned for the true payment of $3400... Witness: Benjn. Bubbett Recorded 8 Nov. 1838

volume 2W, pages 196 & 197: Indenture 16 June 1838. James Dornan of Hanover Twp., to Gilbert Cool of same place, for $4364.93 ... tract on the waters of Raccoon Creek in Hanover Twp. lands of Thomas Levingston & John McComb... heirs of Henry Huffman deceased... Samuel & James Paxton... John Fullerton... William Coventry... 198 acres 65 perches strict measure, part of a larger tract granted by the Commonwealth of Pa. to the said James Dornan by Patent 25 April 1788, recorded in Patent Book 14, page 256 Witnesses: John Fullerton, Benjamin Bubbett Recorded 20 Dec. 1838

volume 3T, pages 268, 269 & 270 Indenture 26 Mar. 1846. Gilbert Cool and wife Rebecca of Hanover Twp., Wash. Co., Pa., to William Wood of same twp., for $5158.56 ... messuage or tenement and tract of land in Hanover Twp. ... by land of Thomas Livingston and John McComb... land of Samuel and James Saxton ... John Fullerton ... Wm. Coventry... 198 acres 65 perches strict measure, the right and title of which said described tract of land by sundry good conveyances and assurances in law became vested in the said Gilbert Cool and Rebecca his wife ... Gilbert Cool signed; Rebecca signed by making a mark. Witnesses: Bj. Bubbett, Sample Bubbett Recorded 28 Jan. 1858

"Gilbert Cool was born about the year 1794, east of the Alleghany Mountains, and came to Washington county, when a young man. He decided to learn the blacksmith's trade, and accordingly entered a shop of one John McConnell, living near Paris, where he learned his trade. His employer had a fair young sister-in-law, Rebecca Moore, and Rebecca soon became the bride of Gilbert Cool. They located in Frankfort, Beaver Co., Penn., where he followed his trade, and being both energetic and industrious, soon acquired a comfortable property. Time passed on, and one by one children came to bless their union, until the following names were added to their family circle:

William (who died at the age of forty years), was a farmer of Allegheny county, Penn.; John, a farmer living in Allegheny county; Augustine, also residing on a farm in Allegheny county; Christopher Columbus, mentioned below; Thomas, an agriculturist of Allegheny county; Sarah, deceased in youth; Verlinda, deceased wife of William Dawson; and Alice, deceased wife of Philip Strouse, of Beaver county, Penn.

Some years after his marriage Mr. Cool purchased and moved upon a farm near Florence, in Hanover township, which he afterward sold at a handsome profit, and then bought 175 acres in Findley township, Allegheny Co., Penn., where his remaining years were passed. He was a hard-working, successful business man and in politics was an Old-line Whig, afterward uniting with the Republican party. He possessed a robust constitution, and was ill but for a short time before his death, which occurred November 9, 1879, followed by his wife a year later. They are buried side by side in Hopewell cemetery, Allegheny county. Both were members of the Presbyterian Church.

Christopher Columbus Cool was born April 7, 1839, near Florence, Washington county. He received his earlier education at the common schools of the neighborhood and then took a short course at Mt. Union College, Stark county, Ohio, fitting himself for school teaching. After leaving college, he, in company with several classmates, made a western tour, visiting the principal cities of Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia, many of the present large cities of those States being but villages at that time. He taught school in Wayne county, Ill., also in many of the western towns, and having satisfied his curiosity concerning the resources of the western States, returned to the home farm, teaching school during the winter season. On June 14, 1865, he was united in marriage with

Eliza Jane Culbertson, who was born September 7, 1839, being the youngest of three children born to David and Elizabeth (Whittaker) Culbertson. Her father was a representative farmer of Hanover township, and was for many years an elder in the Cross Roads Presbyterian Church at Florence, this county. Two daughters have been born to the union of Christopher Columbus Cool and Eliza Jane Cool, namely:

Allie Etta, and Effie Dora, both of whom are living at home.

Since his marriage Mr. Cool has resided on his father-in-law's farm, one half of which was purchased, successfully devoting his attention to agriculture and stock raising. He is a progressive, energetic citizen, thoroughly posted on general topics, and an enthusiastic supporter of the Republican party. He and his family are members of the Presbyterian Church at Florence."

Text taken from page 284 of: Beers, J. H. and Co., Commemorative Biographical Record of Washington County, Pennsylvania (Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co., 1893). Transcribed January 1997 by Neil and Marilyn Morton of Oswego, IL as part of the Beers Project. Published January 1997 on the Washington County, PA USGenWeb pages at

Note: Hopewell Cemetery, Allegheny County, where Beers says that Gilbert and Rebecca are buried, is also known as the Hopewell Hebron Cemetery, also as Hebron Church and Cemetery. The original church and cemetery was Hopewell Presbyterian Church, organized 1814. During the Civil War, there was a schism in the congregation over the minister, Rev. Hunter; part of the congregation splintered off and formed the Hebron Church, just next door, established 1870. It is located off US Route 30, about two miles west of Clinton, PA. Co-located with the cemetery is the Hebron United Presbyterian Church, Rev, Tallbot, pastor, address 1767 State Route 30, Clinton, PA, (724) 899-2276. The Hebron Cemetery is managed by the Hopewell Hebron Company, Inc., which is owned by Lena and Wayne Cool.

Land records, Allegheny County, Pa: Vol 81/Pg109: 12 April 1848: Gilbert Cool buys land in Findlay Township from E. Charles, estate.

Vol93/Pg 525: 11 Dec 1850: Gilbert Cool buys land in Findlay Township from E. Charles, estate. [five other land purchases until 26 Dec 1877]

Will of Gilbert Cool: copy provided by Register of Wills, Allegheny County, citing Will Book Vol 22, Pg 203, #112: [will is handwritten in cursive; copy is clear and legible]: "I Gilbert Cool of Findlay township Allegheny County & State of Pennsylvania (farmer) being of sound mind memory and understanding do make and publish this my last will & testament. As to such Estate as it hath pleased God to Entrust me with I dispose of the same as follows to wit:

First} I give & bequeath to my beloved wife Rebecca Cool all of my household goods & kitchen furniture also the interest of the one third of what my farm sells for to be paid to her annually during her natural life. In the event of that interest not being sufficient to maintain my wife comfortable then it is my will that my children Alice Verlinda Columbus Augustine Thomas & John Cool shall each pay an equal part according to their legacy to make up any deficiency to maintain her. It is my desire that my wife would live with my Daughter Alice Strouss.

2nd} I give & bequeath to my Daughter Verlinda Cool (intermarried with Wm. Dawson) the one Sixth part of all my property and fifty dollars in addition.

3rd} I give & bequeath to my Daughter Alice Cool (intermarried with Philip Strouss) the one Sixth part of all my property and one hundred dollars in addition.

4th} I give & bequeath to my Son John M. Cool the one Sixth part of all my property.

5th} I give & bequeath to my Son Augustine Cool the one Sixth part of all my property.

6th} I give & bequeath to my son Columbus Cool the one Sixth part of all my property.

7th} I give & bequeath to my son Thomas Cool the one Sixth part of all my property

8th} I give & bequeath to my Grand Son Romulus Cool the sum of three hundred dollars.

9th} It is my will that after my just debts & funeral expenses & the household & kitchen furniture bequeathed to my wife & the three hundred dollars bequeathed to my Grand Son Romulus Cool is deducted from my Estate the Remainder be considered as all of my property to be divided between my six children as aforesaid.

10th} I appoint my Son John M. Cool Executor of this my last will & testament.

11th} I do hereby authorise & empower my Executor hereinbefore named to Sell & dispose of all of my Real Estate by public sale for the best price that can be got for the same & by proper deed or deeds conveyances or assurances in the law to be duly executed acknowledged & perfected to grant convey & assure the same to the purchaser or purchasers thereof in fee simple my farm to be sold in one year after my decease. I authorize my Executor to keep the one third of the purchase money remaining in the farm the interest to be paid my wife as aforesaid.

In witness whereof I Gilbert Cool the testator have to this my last will & testament Set my hand & Seal this 2nd day of September AD 1879. Signed sealed published & declared by the above named Gilbert Cool as & for his last will & testament in the presence of us who have hereunto subscribed our names as witness thereto in the presence of the testator & of each other.

[signed in a large but shaky hand: Gilbet Cool]

[Signed] R.M. Larie (?), Dead.

John Moody swn Nov. 14, 1879

Executor swn Nov 14./79

W.W. McBride swn Nov 19th 1879 to sig of H.MCLarn, Letters granted Nov 19th 1879.

[Attached is a certificate dated 19 Nov 1879 from Philip Hoerr, Register of Wills, for Allegheny County, stating that John Moody swore that he witnessed the will of Gilbert Cool, deceased, and also that R.M. Larie (Laru ?) was now dead. Also, W.W. McBride swore that the signature of McLaru was genuine. Hoerr admitted the will into probate.]

Will: Register of Wills, County of Allegheny: Gilbert Cool, deceased. State of Pennsylvania, Allegheny County. Personally came before me, Philip Hoerr, Register of wills, etc., in and for the county aforesaid John M. Cool applicant for letters testementary upon the estate of Gilbert Cool late of Findley Township, deceased, and upon his solemn oath did declare and say that the said Gilbert Cool died on the 11th day of November A.D. 1879 at [?] PM to the best of his knowledge and belief. Sworn and subscribed before me, 14 day of November A.D. 1879, signed, Philip Hoerr, Jno. M. Cool.

Washington County, PA, US Direct Tax of 1798.

Moore, Agusten, Ref: E97, 2 houses, value $42, tract 199 acres, $796.

Moore, John, Ref: E96, 1 house, value $18, tract 180 acres, $630.

Moore, Samuel, Ref: E91, 1 house, value $15, tract 261 acres, 120 perches, $1047.

Moore, Samuel, Ref: E190, unoccupied, 1 house, value $20, tract 84 acres, 80 perches, $240.

Moore, Samuel, Ref: E211, unoccupied, tract 136 acres, $244.

pg. 114, Hanover Twp:

Thomas Coal, house $20, 500 acres, $1500. [NB Coal, not Cool.]

pg. 120, Hanover Twp:

William McConnell, house $50, 150 acres, $450. Only McConnell in Hanover Twp.

Note: Given the Gilbert Coal of the 1830 Beaver Co census, this Thomas Coal is interesting. He was an early settler of Washington Co, and contemporary of Augusten Moore (father of Rebecca Moore, Gilbert's wife) and of William McConnell (prob father of John McConnell, Gilbert's employer and brother-in-law). Is it possible that he was Gilbert's father? Gilbert named one of his sons Thomas. There was a Solomon Coal in 1790 Census PA Allegheny Co Portion Taken From Washington pg16, counted alone (1bb). There was a Peter Coal in 1820 Census Allegheny Co Saint Clair Twp pg 111 counted 1bb1bbb... There was a Bernard Coal in 1830 Census Washington Co Hopewell Twp pg 286 counted 21bb1bbb... In 1820, there was a Thomas McCall, esq, in Hopewell Township, Washington Co.

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