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The trend of increased automation means machines are increasingly doing work formerly done by beasts of burden and by humans. In the 21st century, this trend will accelerate, due to advances in artificial intelligence and robotics. Robots will increasingly perform the labor required for superprofit. Artificial intelligences (AIs) will increasingly perform information age functions, supplanting many knowledge workers.

Watch Your Fingers

Function Previously Done By Now Done By Transition Milestone Date Notes
Plowing, Harvesting Ox, Horses, Mules, Humans Tractors 1930 Both International Harvester and John Deere in full production of tractors.
Ditch Digging Humans Excavators, Bulldozers 1930 Caterpillar in full production of tracked bulldozers. [1]
Freight Transportation Ox, Horses, Mules, Humans Trains 1825 Stockton and Darlington Railway begins operations, hauling coal.
Personal Transportation Horses Automobile 1914 Ford begins begins mass production of automobiles.[2]


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